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Über uns

Hi! Are you wondering to know about us?

We are Christoph 42 years old, my wife 42 and our children Levi and Leon.

 We live in the municipality of Recherswil in Solothurn.

Our goal in life is our coffee truck

The coffee truck is named Levion after our children.

A 50 year old fully restored Citroen Hy serves as a mobile coffee bar.

Get to know About Us

A happy and motivated family

Leon, Papa Christoph, Levi, Mama Selam
Familie Stephan, Mama Selam, Vater Christoph, Sohn Leon(5) Sohn Levi(7)
Barista vom Coffee Truck
Leidenschaftlicher Barista Christoph
Selam & Christoph Coffee Truck
Selam & Christoph ein unschlagbares Team
Junior Leon Coffee Truck
Junior Leon



Christoph Stephan
Ueberführungsstrasse 7
4565 Recherswil